B i o g r a p h i e s

Wasso Kozlina III - Trumpet, Flugelhorn


Wasso has been a lead player in a 20 piece big band for the last 25 years, playing charts spanning the past 8 decades.  Other various gigs he has taken cover a wide spectrum of musical styles including; – Broadway show pits, festival bands, marching bands, bar bands, concert bands, church performances, an occasional wedding service, and of course a high performance horn band.


Wasso is a member of Buglers Across America, through which he volunteers to honor deceased military personnel by playing “Taps” at their funerals as part of the honor guard.


His earliest inspiration was Herb Alpert in the 1960s (whom he finally got to see LIVE recently, which he said was a real kick!!).  Other major influences were Bill Chase and Maynard Ferguson – yeah, he really likes the upper register stuff, too!


He has been playing for over 50 years, whatever and wherever he is needed – sometimes he even gets paid!


wasso flugelhorn.jpg