B i o g r a p h i e s

Bob Hazy - Keyboard/Trumpet


Bob's day job is that of an actuary and retirement plan consultant for Cowden Associates, Inc. in Pittsburgh.  There is a strong connection between mathematics and music.  While actuarial work can be fun, Bob’s real passion is jazz.


Bob takes joy in playing the trumpet and piano with several community bands, including the Swingin’ BopCats Big Band, Hopewell Community Big Band, HZ Jazz Band and the Beaver County Symphonic Wind Ensemble.  Bob has also sung with barbershop quartets.

Bob's foundational musical influences were Herb Albert, Buddy Rich, and lifelong friend Doug Mortimer, co-conspirator of the Bob-Douglas Jazz Trio from high school days.

Bob hails from Industry, PA.   Bob received a B.S. in Mathematics from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, with a near-minor in any music elective he could possibly schedule.   Bob now resides in Beaver with his wife Charlene.

Bob Hazy