B i o g r a p h i e s

Elbie Yaworsky - Drums/Vocals


Elbie provides the rhythm and musical continuity between MoJoDia & The Fireball Horns!


Elbie was trained as a jazz drummer/musician by Emilo "Lee" Tolfa who constantly focused on "less is more!". He was taught the art of brushes by John Gurney (who played trumpet with Glenn Miller during WWII in the U.S. Army Ground Forces Band).


The technique of a clean rim shot was shaped by Edward "Eddie" Colonna in his Aliquippa studio.  The appreciation of speed, space and taste via both Andrew "Sonny" Pugar and Marcello Scarazzo aka "Mars".


Elbie was playing gigs in a soul/rock band called The Limelighters at the age of 16 at the University of Pittsburgh along with his good friend Arnie Steinberg.  His love of live horns was established when he played in the Ambridge High School Big Band with Sal Aloe, Ronnie Rotolo and Randy Shoup who became well respected artists/directors in their own right.


While attending Robert Morris College/University he joined the Rudy Zetz Jr. band and they performed at his Suburban Lounge in Chippewa for several years. His first horn band after college was The Good Life featuring two great sax/trumpet players Dave Fath and Ed Smarsh.


Elbie has developed a passion for broadway musicals and has played percussion in the orchestra pit for many local high school musicals under the direction of Robert Manual.  He currently plays drums for a 20 piece big band called HCB2.

Drum Set Trivia:


Some of you have asked Elbie - yes he has 7 drum sets! - 2 complete sets of Zildjian cymbals - and a complete LP percussion ensemble (3 congos and 2 timbales).


Each drum set has their own unique sound and overall character.  He has never listed them all so here goes.


He has two collector drums sets.  A 1962 Rogers Hollywood Black Diamond with original hardware and drum throne and a 1965 Black Slingerland.


A 1982 Pearl Orange Fiberglass double bass & four tom set (great for outside concerts!) complete with original Pearl hardware was purchased for a Jesus Christ Superstar production.


A 1990 Ludwig Natural Red Mahogany 5 ply (smaller bass 20, toms 10 & 12 and floor 14) is used for jazz venues.


A 2000 Black Peavey International 7 ply Basswood has very warm tones.  He plans to restore the Peavey to a natural clear basswood finish.  His last purchase was a 2010 Yamaha deep purple high gloss finish drum set.


1984 Pearl GLX 9 ply Maple shell Black Ebony Lacquer (like a Steinway grand piano finish inside and out!) is his professional recording kit.  The GLX series was only manufactured one year by Pearl - the tuning lugs were too complex for the average drummer - they resembled a tympani lug.  This drum set was originally ordered from Pearl by Sonny Pugar - who never picked them up from Mars!  The 900 series stands are extremely heavy hardware!


The Pearl GLX drum set has been moved to his snow bird residence in Port St Lucie, Florida were his daughter Jennifer has really enjoyed playing those drums for the past 10 years. 


His oldest daughter Amy plays guitar, piano and is a trained jazz/opera singer and also teaches online musical courses for a cyber academy.  Ashley, his youngest daughter, enjoys playing steel drums and loves to sing!