B i o g r a p h i e s

Elbie Yaworsky - Keyboards/Vocals/Drums

Elbie was trained as a jazz drummer/musician by Emilo "Lee" Tolfa who constantly focused on "less is more!".  He was taught the art of brushes by John Gurney (who played trumpet with Glenn Miller during WWII in the U.S. Army Ground Forces Band). 


He was challenged by Lee Tolfa to play keyboard when he was 16 and he has not stopped since.   His vocals were shaped at an early age while singing bass in the Ukrainian Orthodox Choir and later while performing lead and backup vocals with Arnie Steinberg and Rudy Zetz Jr in the 1970's.


The technique of a clean rim shot was perfected by Edward "Eddie" Colonna in his Aliquippa studio.  The appreciation of speed, space and taste via both Andrew "Sonny" Pugar and Marcello Scarazzo aka "Mars".


Elbie was playing gigs in a soul/rock band called The Limelighters at the age of 16 at the University of Pittsburgh along with his good friend Arnie Steinberg.  His love of live horns was established when he played in the Ambridge High School Big Band with Sal Aloe, Ronnie Rotolo and Randy Shoup who became well respected artists/directors in their own right.


While attending Robert Morris College/University he joined the Rudy Zetz Jr. band and they performed at his Suburban Lounge in Chippewa for several years. His first horn band after college was The Good Life featuring two great sax/trumpet players David Fath and Ed Smarsh.


Elbie developed a passion for Broadway Musicals and has played percussion in the orchestra pit for many local high school musicals under the direction of Robert Manual.  Over the past ten years he has played drums for a 20 piece big band called HCB2 under the direction of Joe Sullivan.

His oldest daughter Amy is a trained jazz/opera singer and also teaches online musical courses for a cyber academy.  Amy is the Hot Metal Horns  lead singer and rhythm guitarist!


His middle daughter, Jennifer plays drums and was the head drummer at Ambridge following in the footsteps of her Dad.  She also played for the stage band.


Ashley, his youngest daughter, enjoyed marching in the Rose Bowl Parade for Sal Aloe, plays steel drums and of course she loves to sing!