B i o g r a p h i e s

Tim Davis - Trombone/Arranger


Tim started playing trombone at the age of ten.


Tim attended Edinboro State University as a music major and was drawn to a performance and travel opportunity with the Carson and Barnes Circus band. Here is a NBC News video from 1981 when Tim was with the circus - you can see him perform at minute mark 3:50.  He traveled all over the United States for several years.

After the circus gig he moved to Boston Massachusetts where he had an amazing opportunity to takes lessons from Phil Wilson whose career included playing with Louis Armstrong.  When Tim moved to Long Island, New York he put away his horn for 10 years.

He moved back to the Pittsburgh area in 2007 and started to practice his horn with a new level of committment and passion.  He joined a big band called HCB2 where he first met Elbie Yaworsky.

Tim has amazing orchestration and arrangement skills that provides the band with many of their original horn charts.


Tim Davis